Last week, the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County experienced a loss in the family that we became a part of during the early part of the election last year. Robert Stevens, also known as either “Mick” or “Pops” to his family and friends, passed away on Jan. 21. A loss that affected everyone who knew him.

A proud Libertarian and advocate for cannabis legalization, Mick was a man who was always in high spirits and had a strong charismatic personality whenever I saw him at either our meetings or at other Libertarian-based events.

I remember first meeting Mick, along with his daughter Shawna, his son-in-law Jeremy, and his granddaughter Saydie at a Libertarian Candidate Forum in New Braunfels. Soon, when we had our local conventions here in Seguin, where he was elected as an alternate along with Anthony Cristo, after Jeremy, Shawna, Ross Lynn Leone, and myself were voted as delegates, to represent our county during the State Convention.

Mick, along with Shawna, Jeremy, and Saydie, were active participants of many Cannabis Open Carry events, where individuals who strongly support the legalization of cannabis gather together in public-open areas to wave signs and flags as well as pass out informational material about how helpful cannabis is.

Some of the signs and flags that they normally used for these events were used for our float last year in Seguin’s Small-Town Fourth of July Parade, where they got a huge positive reaction from the community.

From how long I knew Mick, he was very vocal on cannabis legalization. At many Libertarian meetings and events that were held, either by us or any of our neighboring counties, he would proudly yell, “Free the Weed,” making all of his fellow Libertarian give out a big smile.

Since our conventions and during the timeline of the election, everyone in the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County would become less of a political party, and more like a family who advocated for the same political message of Libertarianism within both our state and country. The same could be said for those involved in the cannabis legalization community in the Libertarian Party of Texas.

When we heard that Mick was in the hospital during the holidays, many of us were worried for him. We sent our thoughts and prayers for him and his family in hopes for him to recover.

It was even decided by the members here in Guadalupe County to postpone any further meeting until he got better. We were constantly getting updates from Shawna with news of how he was doing.

When Shawna made a Facebook post about Mick’s passing, those in both the Texas Libertarian movement as well as the Cannabis Open Carry group shared their memories and gave their condolences to Shawna, Jeremy, Saydie and their family.

Personally, this is one of the hardest columns I had to type out as the entire Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County is still mourning with his family.

Mick was a loving, caring man who was loved equally by his family, friends, and fellow advocates for liberty and cannabis legalization. Even though he’s in peace now, he will be missed by those who loved and cared for him, those who have stood by him in the long continued fight for both liberty and cannabis legalization, and especially by Shawna, Jeremy and Saydie.

Free the Weed.

Nolan Schmidt is an independent filmmaker, and serves as the County Chair for the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party.

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