On the March 3 ballot you will be making a decision for Guadalupe County Sheriff. You have two choices.

You have the incumbent that has dedicated his life to public safety having served in both fire/EMS and law enforcement for the past 45 years. He has 27 plus years of law enforcement experience, including 19 years as our sheriff. 

He continues to improve the services of the sheriff’s office with many programs such as a Mental Health Unit; a Narcotics Team that is second to none; a License and Weight Unit combating the big truck problems; a SWAT/Negotiations Team; a state-certified training facility; an Animal Control Unit that has maintained a 91% redemption rate average for the past five years; and a jail that has been in good standings with the state bringing in almost $36 million dollars in revenue since he took office in 2001. 

He is a sheriff with experience in dealing with high profile cases, major crimes and natural disasters, such as flooding and tornadoes, and has lowered the crime rate while the population increased dramatically. He has donated his time and money supporting many great causes in our county, such as our youth, the elderly, the schools, the churches. 

He has brought many worthwhile programs to Guadalupe County such as RadKids — interacting with our school children — the Santa Sheriff Program, a Relay for Life Team and many, many more. He led the campaign to build a new Children’s Advocacy building and has since been asked to help build a new Guadalupe Valley Family Violence Shelter. He sits on many boards and committees to help make Guadalupe County a great place to live. 

He has reached out to partner with many different agencies; local, state and federal law enforcement, to reduce crime, as well as the commissioner’s court, all to keep Guadalupe County safe. I could go on and on about what the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office has done and continues to do for the citizens of Guadalupe County.

I ask you to remember the last person who promised change; he nearly wrecked our country. Don’t allow this to happen. If it isn’t broke, DON’T FIX IT! 

Please join me in voting for ZWICKE for SHERIFF.

Becky Baker is a long-time resident of Kingsbury.

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