Like many Democratic voters and activists, the recent election results have left me with mixed emotions.

We’re all pretty happy that Joe Biden will be president in January. Many of us are disturbed by the level of support the reality show star pretending to be president received from Republican voters. The man is incompetent and, yet, 10 million more Americans voted for him in 2020 than did in 2016.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Mr. Dufresne Sir, I am formally and publicly calling you out for your disgusting display of factual bending and outright lies. If this were the 1800’s, I would do so in a public place and we’d have satisfaction in the style of old.

Your continued insulting of both the president and his supporters is typical of both your party and level of manners. Did your mother not teach you better?

Your statement that this sitting president lost by the largest margin since 1932 is simply a LIE, a terrible effort to deceive. We’re you alive during the Ronald Reagan years, or can you simply not read?

Your assertion that the Republicans have ‘lurched towards authoritarianism’ is also a LIE. The efforts that the Administration and Republicans have made over the last 4 years are in no way relatable to ‘authoritarian’, any more than the policies of former President Obama.

As an Conservative Independent I normally will vote Republican, but not always so, especially for state races. I did vote to re-elect President Trump, specifically for his policies, not his conduct.

I find ‘tweeting’ to be an infantile and pathetic method of communication, designed by college students of limited maturity and participated in by politicians, actresses and all of the narcissistic in the world. If I were President, I would never utilize that program.

I also believe that President Trump has lost this election due to his ‘failure to communicate’, something he will have to live with. His inability to articulate his arguments / policies, his constant name calling and failure to be the least bit civil, worked against him and were the major players in his loss.

Mr. Dufresne, if you seek to continue your discourse with the public, I call upon you to leave the manure in the barn, the vitriol on the doorstep, and bring forth clear and factual conversation, not the drivel you have contributed today.

I will accept Mr. Biden as my President upon his swearing in, something you would not do when President Trump was sworn in, and look to work within the confines of FACTS, without bending the truth or resorting to name calling, and call upon you to do the same. I look forward to viewing the New Presidents budget, agendas and understand where his administration will spend MY money over the next 4 years.

By the way, if you’ve the courage to respond to my comments above, I would enjoy hearing your opinions on the Democrat supported bill named the BREATHE Act...... As a matter of fact, if you’ve any courage at all, you’d write the Seguin Gazette this Sunday to articulate your support of this Act or portions of it.

Looking forward to your response Sir.

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