As much as the president has angered me along with millions of other Texans by pardoning his cronies and potential witnesses against him, I thought that given we’re about to start a new year, I should write about something positive instead. So, here are a few things that our incoming president, Joe Biden, can and should do even if Georgia fails to elect two Democrats to the U.S. Senate.

Biden has promised to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by immediately appointing a “national supply chain commander” and establishing a “pandemic testing board” upon assuming office. Incoming White House chief of staff Ron Klain coordinated the federal government’s response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Back in my younger days, when one took out a loan they were obligated to pay it back. Regarding student loans, what do you with the kids that worked their way through college and did not out student loans? What about the parents that sacrificed to pay for their kids to get through college so they would not have the burden of debt upon graduation? How in any form or fashion is this fair or just? It is not. The entitled mentality of the Left never ceases to amaze me.


The list proffered by Mr. Dufresne has more to do with Mr. Finch’s column on composting (more useful and logical than Mr. Dufrense’s manure laden verbiage) than good governance.

Well let’s see; ‘Voter Suppression”….. Another trigger phrase used by many liberals to describe “Rules to Voting”. Mr. Dufresne seems to think that having appropriate identification to vote is not sensical, a needless requirement which impedes the citizen from exercising his right to cast a ballot – what hogwash! Texas requires voting with a variety of ID’s which 99% of citizens are holding daily. It also allows, as exception to the main ID’s, multiple other avenues for those who do not have the primaries. Mr. Dufresne, as with many, is perpetuating a myth of voter suppression, an outright lie, and attempting to remove all restrictions to allow access by anyone to the polls in this country.

Then there is the new old chestnut of the Paris Accords, one where we in the US were required to take a big financial hit, as well as a bill, to allow other emerging markets the opportunity to continue polluting. Instead of our driving to meet environmental targets without giving others a pathway to cheat, the liberals wish to hamstring us and press for our decline. We should set and meet our own targets without the need to bankroll others.

Banking. Postal banking. Free banking. Let’s be honest, Postal Banking is a nonstarter because its not an idea that meshes with a capitalistic society. Anything devised for public use with a whole separate system of rules has a habit of being inefficient and wasteful, pushing out business and a market based approach – not who we are. This approach will do nothing to help the poor, merely create another level of government we can ill afford.

“Student Loan Forgiveness”. You couldn’t begin to describe the fury that this phrase brings to those of us that have done without in order to meet the obligations of educating our children. No other idea has ever been put forth which causes me to state, if it should happen, I will cease paying Federal Income Taxes and protect my property from seizure by the IRS with lethal force if so required. I, like many in this country, ensured that my children were offered the opportunity to go to college, only one of four taking us up on it. My family scrimped, saved and did without many luxury’s and needs in order to make that happen. To offer those who borrowed a free ride is both ludicrous and criminal. For Mr. Dufresne to even state that he favors that course means that he has no children, did not pay for his children’s education or let them borrow to make it happen. IT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

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