Well, this is my first mayor’s message column and it being my third full week as your mayor, I am going to take liberty and give you an update on interesting things happening in Seguin.

Approximately 120,000 are shopping in Seguin from our retail trade area, which includes the areas from Gillett to Fentress and Gonzales to St. Hedwig. We will soon have 2020 numbers and I venture to guess that number has increased.

Donna Dodgen is the mayor of the city of Seguin and writes a monthly column which appears every third Sunday.

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Quite a bit related bodes well for the city of Seguin, specifically anything having to do with infrastructure, technology and notes and filming. The part which should make you wary is the attraction of additional housing and some businesses.

Question: What will be the impact of addition students in Seguin ISD, especially having to do with school capacity?

Question: I assume that, knowing we are the next ‘growth stop’ for the expansion of the area we will stop any further tax incentives?

Question: Anyone traveled to San Marcos or New Braunfels lately to see how their drive for housing and business expansion did for them when accounting for taxes, traffic, blight, crime, etc.?

For those wishing to ‘grow’, specifically those people who are not going to benefit financially, beware what you wish for, you may not like the result...

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