The summer of 2020 has not unfolded as most of us hoped. The pandemic has not abated, and, for those of us involved in education, many questions remain about how we can best safely navigate the fall. Health and safety issues, economic worries, and social unrest present daily variations on a discouraging theme. Along with fear and uncertainty, all of us are now incorporating a certain weariness in our daily lives, tired of the struggle, tired of the virus, tired of the unknowns. A friend of mine has summarized this as a time when we have all lost our sparkle.

And yet, I think most of us also recognize the importance of remaining hopeful in the face of it all, and finding inspiration to guide us through these days, which we know will pass and, eventually, carry us to a better time.

Debbie Cottrell is the president of Texas Lutheran University. Her column will appear the first Sunday of each month.

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