When Governor Abbott designated “election integrity” an emergency item last month, anyone who has paid attention to his rhetoric and that of the rest of the Republican Party knew it was a bad sign. Sure enough after weeks of rumors, Senate Bill 7 was just introduced and it comes as no surprise that the 27-page bill contains a wide range of voter suppression and anti-democracy provisions.

SB7 expands prosecutorial powers for the Attorney General over voter registration violations, whether intentional violations or accidental. Given Attorney General Ken Paxton’s predilection for using his office for purely political purposes, like trying to overturn the results of a presidential election, giving him expanded powers to prosecute voter registration mistakes is a profoundly bad idea.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Dear Mr. Dufresne,

Your commentary as to the charge of 'voter suppression' is specious and so full of holes I'm going to print it and drain my pasta through it.

Having voted for a number of decades, I am always amazed when people such as yourself, ardent followers of the 'Republican voter suppression conspiracy', scream and beat your fists on the media table claiming that the poor and minorities are being denied the right to vote..

Consider the actual act of voting. You take your card and an ID to the polls, are guided through each step, receive a 'receipt' and a sticker for your efforts and....walk away. When I voted in 2019, I ran into every possible type of person, every race, both sexes and from 18 to +80, so who exactly is being denied the right to vote? And who exactly is denying it?

I have one for you...the DEMOCRATS. Where are the major issues noted in voting? The largest cities in America, controlled by Democrats. Who controls the poll locations, number and ease of access? Local government administrations, who are Democrats.

I would be curious to know if you even know one person that can claim they have been a victim of 'voter suppression', I'd bet you can't find one that could pass the smell test for honesty.

As usual, you continue to prove, to me at least, that you will be happy to wrap yourself in a burning American flag, screaming for equality while listening to your Democratic anthem, WAP.

You Sir, ought to be ashamed.

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