Treason through spending.

There’s really no other way to describe the current situation in Washington D.C. these days, and though it pains me to make the charge, it should be apparent to all.

Today’s example.

Congress, including both our Congressional Representative Vicente Gonzalez and Senator Cornyn, voted in favor of a $8.3 billion spending bill, that’s billion with a B, to ‘combat the spread of and health risks associated with the Coronavirus’.

Though the influenza flu of 2017-2018 has been estimated at 21 million infected, 810,000 hospitalized and 61,000 deaths, the federal government spent less than $700 million annually on flu issues. I’m slightly confused, or the information being passed seems a little thin.

The president requested $2.5 billion, much of which was to be directly spent by Health and Humane Services, and about half was to come from other programs’ unspent funds. Congress not only added funding not requested, they more than tripled it.

To someone looking in from the outside, I’d like to understand what information Congress would have that the administration does not. In addition, I’d also like to understand why $1 billion of this money to be dedicated to something referred to as the ‘US Agency for International Development’.... What? What is that? Did you know that the current budget for USAID is $41 billion already?

Your elected representatives have lost touch with reality. They have come to the firm belief that the average American is an idiot, unable to see what is going on, see that Congress has begun to believe there is no end to the money, endless piles of free money for them to spend.

I have written my representatives to ask them, “Why does the fact that it’s not your money make it easier for you to spend it? Why is it that we strive to imbed good fiscal accounting practices into our children when Congress can’t even balance the budget? EVER!”

Call your representative. Contact your senator. Badger them and ask the questions about the federal budget. Demand they run their checkbook like you have to.

Their behavior really is treasonous, and when we finally collapse, we’ll wonder why we didn’t stop them.

Dan Shepard is a Seguin resident.

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