Well, it’s finally 2020. Many people have waited for the new year to come, and see what it brings us. Personally, I am one who is excited about this year. It’s been the 10 years since I graduated at Seguin High School. I will finally release my first new original short film since 2013. Most importantly, I will join together with my fellow Libertarians to bring awareness and promote our party for this year’s presidential election.

However, in my opinion, there will be things that will remain the same. Corruption in political offices, unnecessary spending by our government which will cause our national debt to increase, and the constant bickering between the two old parties. Of course, as much as I could complain about the Right, they are not as horrible and spoiled as the Left are.

Throughout last year, I had more problems with those who lean more politically to the Left than those who lean more to the Right. Even as a stanch Libertarian, many of my views do lean to the right while some do swing to the left. However, the Radical Left is a problem in today’s time, especially those who are within the younger part of the Millennial generation as well as the generations afterwards.

Most of these issues I’ve seen (or experienced) mostly on Facebook. Now, like everyone else, I have my fair share of both conservative and liberal friends and family. When I talk to my conservative friends, we do chat about issues that are currently going on, and when a disagreement comes up, we end up agreeing to disagree like common sense adults. When it comes to my liberal friends, I’ve been attacked and wrongfully accused of being a selfish, cruel and uncaring person due to my strong free-market capitalist beliefs and how we are better off having less government than we have today.

Thinking of those words, “selfish, cruel and uncaring,” I’ve seen the Left advocate for us helping the needy, the sick, and dying. However, I’ve seen none of my radical and socialist left-leaning friends and family do anything based on what they preach.

Besides my involvement with the Libertarian Party, I’ve been a long-running volunteer and board member for a local charity group that aims to help families with children with special needs since 2014. I, along with many individuals who are parents of special needs kids, have given time and worked our butts off to hold events and raise money for these families. Even the day before Christmas Eve, I personally volunteered to be Santa Claus, and visit homebound kids with special needs while giving them toys that were personally donated to us by the community.

Does that sound like a “selfish, cruel and uncaring person?” Honestly, to my close friends and family that have known me for a long time, they will tell you that I am one of the most caring people that they know.

Personally, I believe the real “selfish, cruel and uncaring” people are the Radical Left. My advice for these socialist critics of mine is that they need to learn how to practice what they preach whenever it comes to helping out people socially, especially when it comes to children. However, I know that they will still believe that we should let the government take care of people by raising taxes on all of us when the government itself hasn’t done theirs.

Nolan Schmidt is an independent filmmaker, and serves as the County Chair for the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party.

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