At the end of July, I tend to have a little more time available. There’s still plenty to do, but as summer swings into its downhill slide, I can do crazy things. Like laundry. And swing dancing.

I decided that this July I really wanted to stop spending time on the couch when I got home in the evenings. What is it about summer evenings? Is it because the sun is up that the evenings seem filled with possibility? The same evenings four months from now will feel different, and when the sun goes down, we’ll likely stay in reading or, god forbid, folding.

Anyway, with light pouring in the windows every evening we got the itch to get out a little. And we opted for dancing.

Mireya and I love music and dancing and I found out that there are swing dance lessons in Gruene every Tuesday. We decided to give them a try for two weeks. While they were fun, the other thing about summer nights is that it doesn’t cool off in Texas until about 4 am. So we went searching for an air conditioned dancing option. And we found it, big time.

Swing Junction takes over the American Foreign Legion Hall on Tuesdays and let me tell you, even if you can’t two step (that would be me), these folks will whip you into dancing shape or die trying. I dragged my husband Adam and Mireya convinced her friend, Hunter, to check it out.

Of course, we had no idea what we were getting into and succeeded right away in walking in the wrong door and crashing the bar. But the kind folks waved us through to the big room where dancers were already at work. We quickly found a seat and watched the earlier group spin and slide through their lessons.

We thought we’d all learn a few steps in the cool comfort of the hall, but let me tell you, those instructors are amazing. And there was a lot we didn’t expect. Like the fact that everyone keeps switching around to dance/practice with a different partner. This is, of course, initially terrifying since we were all strangers who obviously aren’t great dancers (since why else would we be at a swing dance class). We also didn’t expect to learn much, since it was a first lesson. I figured if we didn’t break each other’s toes, it would be a victory.

But before long all of us in the dance circle were laughing, trying the “cuddle” and counting the one-two-rock-and step and hoping we didn’t accidentally spin into somebody. We mostly followed instructions, protested when the music sped up, did something that looked darn close to dancing, and went home with swing music filling our heads.

Needless to say, I’m hooked. We’ll be back next Tuesday, and probably the Tuesday after that. And maybe next time we’ll join the group afterwards to go hear some live music and try out our dance moves in front of a few other strangers. Because we’re darn close to dancing, and if we miss a few steps, we definitely know how to laugh it off.

Winter Prosapio is a writer, working mom and Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations for Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts.

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