After reading Roberto Treviño’s editorial in the San Antonio Express News on June 10, 2020 entitled “Push back at the Alamo for the truth”, I was a bit enflamed. Was I angry at the Black Lives Matters Protestors or the people that think the Alamo was a battle for slavery? No. I was angry with Robert Treviño for so completely misinterpreting the battle of the Alamo and the Express News for printing the inaccurate and inflammatory misconception. The Battle of the Alamo was a battle for economic opportunity and social equality, just like the BLM movement.

Both are/were battling a police state. The BLM protestors see that their communities are targeted by ineffective drug laws. They are not necessarily targeted at our black community members, but they do face the consequences of these laws more often due to racism and negative social stereotypes. Drug usage is common throughout all U.S. communities.

Whitney Masterson-Moyes is the co-owner of the Moyesway Shooting Sports, a mother of two, and a Guadalupe County Libertarian

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