I’d like to start by thanking everyone who attended the Guadalupe County Republican Picnic this weekend. It was a great success with visitors from Guadalupe and many of the surrounding counties. Our special thanks to State Rep. John Kuempel, State Sen. Donna Campbell and Retired Lt. Col. Allen West for very motivational and inspiring speeches.

I’d like to look at some of the Democratic controlled states and cities in our country and compare them with our beloved Republican controlled Texas. Of the 15 States with the highest combined taxation, all have been controlled by Democrats for decades with only two starting to swing more conservative in recent elections. Of course, Texas falls down near the bottom in total taxes.

As we look at the rising homelessness crisis, once again the leaders are the Democratic states and the Democratic-controlled cities. Leading the pack is California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington State. The leading homeless cities are New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia and D.C.

What else do we find in these same states and cities? Poor schools, deteriorating infrastructure, high fuel and utility rates, increased debt, socialized medicine, sanctuary cities, housing crises, insurmountable debt and general gross mismanagement.

The result of all this liberalism is increased homelessness, social services stretched beyond capacity, higher unemployment levels, broken economies due to outrageous retirement packages secured by labor unions and now … California is burning. Thanks to government regulations and fees, the timber industry is nearly nonexistent, leaving brush and forest overgrowth providing an ever-increasing combustible fuel load.

So, here we are in Texas, where taxes are relatively low, employment is high, pay scales for skilled work is acceptable, we have some of the best highways in the world especially once you escape the confines of big city traffic and we have no housing crisis.

The only crisis Texas faces is the 1,000-person-per-week influx of people from the areas discussed in the earlier paragraphs and the mentality they bring with them. Many come here because the companies they work for are moving here because of our Texas economy and our pro-business government. Others are coming here to escape higher taxes, work shortages, regulations and a lack of freedom. Let’s hope the majority are coming for family, freedom and opportunity. Let’s also hope they are leaving their liberal past back where they came from.

Current estimates indicate that the California and New York liberals will be sending between $60 to $80 million to Texas in 2020 to take over control of our legislature in hopes of dragging Texas down to their liberal standards. Let’s not let them California our Texas.

Terry Harper is a longtime Guadalupe County resident and lifelong conservative.

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Though the majority of people that I know moving from California to Texas are like minded, i.e. expressing a desire for smaller government, less state control over local matters, fewer government programs, etc., I was living in Arizona during 1980’s when the influx of Californians began in that state. The first couple of years were quiet, until the property taxes started to rise and politics began to shift. Around 1986, we all started seeing, and applying, bumper stickers that said “Thanks for visiting, now go back to California!“.

Why is it that people leave where they were for a ‘better’ life, and then bring the same thought process to change the places they are moving to? If you don’t like California and move here to Texas, adopt our mindset and living, otherwise don’t leave California.

We, as Texans, are welcoming folks. We enjoy having both visitors and legal immigrants, both foreign and from other states, but do those of us here the courtesy of adopting our politics and lifestyle.


Although I don't disagree with the issues regarding Californians and the problems associated with a liberal mind-set, Texas is far from being


While I don't disagree with the comments regarding the problems associated with California and its liberal mindset, Texas is far from being Heaven on Earth. The issues related to the establishment of the Texas River Authorities and GBRA management specifically are examples of too little government concern and oversight regarding matters of great importance to all Texans.

Texas also has a notable amount of liberal mindset and issues within cities such as San Antonio and Austin. The attitude of large cities often appears in stark contrast to that of our state government. Becoming more progressive does not mean losing our state identity, independence, or adopting a liberal-socialist mentality within our government.


Unfortunately, Progressive thought is now severely linked to liberalism and big government.

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