Texas’ 87th Legislature begins in less than a month. The Republican Party of Texas has eight Legislative Priorities that it is working to get passed into law.

This week’s Legislative Priority is commonly called Constitutional Carry; sometimes also called permitless carry or unrestricted carry.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Mr. Harper, please don’t tell me this is one of the priorities for the Texas Republicans!

Open carry for just anyone, even for people like me who are strong 2nd Amendment proponents is a ridiculous and fruitless aim, a waste of resources and efforts to champion something not based in reality.

Even in the ‘old days’, in Texas and elsewhere in the west, towns had laws on the books to prevent needless deaths due to open carry within the town or city boundaries. These laws were designed to prevent people from injuring themselves, but especially to prevent emotional outbursts which resulted in the use of deadly force.

If this is truly a goal of the Texas Republicans, outstripping many other critical and important issues, then you’ve not only lost my support, but the support of other moderates.

Requiring a permit, one where the process to have one is efficient and driven to enable expeditious decision, with an appeal mechanism, is logical and enables us to keep some that should not have that ability from doing so.

Where are the Republicans? The REAL Republicans? Is this an actual target that you people believe is relevant, important and achievable?

Your articles of late have allowed us, the moderates, to peek into your agenda’s and the result is.....disappointment.

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