On June 16, 2019, a Chinese national woman was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida. Her crime? Crossing onto environmentally protected land, digging into a sea turtle nest, and smashing some of the sea turtle eggs.

Many of my far left Liberal friends were shocked, as was I. However, these far left Liberal friends are also the most vocal about supporting abortion. So, I decided to play devil’s advocate.

Me: “I don’t see what the big deal is. They were just eggs. It’s not like they were actual sea turtles.”

Left Friend: “But they were going to become sea turtles and she killed them.”

Me: “Oh. Okay.” (pause) “At what stage of development does a human being get the same protection as a sea turtle?”

Left Friend: “I see what you’re trying to do here and you’re not going to bait me into this discussion.”

Me: “What?! All I want to know is what is the cut-off point, when we start protecting human life with the same fervor as a sea turtle’s life.”

Left Friend: “The difference is that sea turtles are endangered and humans are not.”

Me. “Oh. Okay.” (pause) “Okay. I got it. So if I’m out scuba diving with a group of people and one of them gets caught in a fisherman’s net trying to rescue a sea turtle and I only have enough oxygen to save one of them, I’m supposed to save the sea turtle because the human is not an endangered species?”

Left Friend: “You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?”

As a Libertarian, I do support a woman’s right to choose, but I will always encourage adoption as a choice over abortion.

An abortion is something that is a difficult enough decision for a woman to make without government interference.

It is something that a woman and her doctor should decide after careful discernment and analysis. There are the health issues for the woman, the circumstances of the pregnancy, and the overall health of the child itself to consider.

As a Libertarian, you can be pro-choice without necessarily being pro-abortion.

Anthony Cristo is the Libertarian candidate for the Texas District 15 US Congressional election.

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