For many of the readers who have read my previous columns based around economics, they should be familiar with my support of free market capitalism. I have written several columns based around our system of free enterprise, and even though it does have its flaws, it’s helped us become one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world. Sadly, I know that there are some in my generation as well as the younger generation that don’t see our grand system of free enterprise as great as either I or any of my fellow libertarian and conservative friends do.

In more recent years, the Millennial generation has been the joke among the Baby Boomers and Generation X as well as the Silent Generation. Personally, with the hard fact that I personally have to face about being a Millennial myself, sometimes I do wish I was born within the previous generation as I am personally ashamed of the behavior and the misinformation that my fellow Millennials tend to preach when it comes to politics, especially when it comes to them supporting socialism.

Yes, I know for a fact that there are those in the previous generation before me that support socialism as well, but I hear less from them than the Millennials and Generation Z. In a March 2019 poll by Axios, 73.2% of Millennials and Generation Z support government provided health care, 67.1% support tuition-free college and 49.6% prefer living in a socialist country. Of course, it doesn’t help that many of these young socialists are strong supporters of individuals like Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who have been vocal about their support for turning our country into a socialist regime when the both of them don’t understand how economics work in general.

It’s even terrifying that both Millennials and Generation Z will make up 37% of the electorate in the upcoming election year, and nearly half of those generations combined prefer living in a socialist country.

Sadly, many of these young voters who do support socialism don’t understand how dangerous it actually is as this country has fought and was vocal against different socialist regimes in the past century. In World War II, we fought against Germany when it was under the Nazi regime, which was a socialist party, and we were also in an arms race war with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. We even prevented or tried to prevent socialism from spreading to different countries with our allies.

If these young socialists believe that our country would be better under socialism, to be blunt, they are asking for our country to collapse in the most horrible way. Under a Socialist USA, we would lose our rights given to us by our founding fathers as the government will have a say in everything in our personal lives. For all this “free” stuff, existing taxes will be raised to unaffordable levels. If they believe that there are a lot of poor people now, this full-on government controlled regime will create even more poor people, and we will more than likely see the complete wipeout of the middle class. Hate to ruin their idea of 

a utopia that promises “free stuff” and “cares for the people,” but this idea of turning a country into a socialist paradise has failed time and time again. Their support of a pipe dream will kill our great country if it happens.

We cannot let this potential nightmare come true. Together, we must keep this country strong with our constitutional liberties and our system of free enterprise.

Nolan Schmidt is an independent filmmaker, and serves as the County Chair for the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party.

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The thought of free things is sufficient for many to throw caution to the wind in support of the growing list of proposed government services. Little is attributed to capitalism which has afforded the self-indulgence which most Americans have grown accustomed to. Americans currently have freedom of choice in many areas which would be lost under socialism. Socialism limits freedom of choice by creating inefficient government-mandated services and by eliminating alternatives to them; it also limits individual disposable income to spend as we choose via increased taxation to support mandated services. Nothing is "free-to-all" within socialism.

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