Much has been written about the feasibility, results and cost of the Green New Deal and House Resolution 109. The resolution calls for 100% of power usage in the US to be supplied by so called clean, renewable, zero-emission energy sources.

Legislation in New Mexico and California mandating 100% zero-carbon electricity generation within the next 10-12 years brings focus on the question, will the technology exist and will the supply of wind and sun be enough to meet demand and how will the excess be stored for those periods of time when there is no wind and sun?

Texas could be used as a study for this subject with our huge independent grid and near single source market operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. ERCOT has years of actual market, wind and solar production data to draw from. The study could apply known actual data from the ERCOT market to the energy experiment being forced on New Mexico and California.

Without filling this report with graphs and figures in the ERCOT study on the feasibility of taking Texas from current supply to 50%, 80% and 100% renewable energy by the year 2030 which is only 11 years away, I’ll simply report the major points of the study.

Remember this study is from the Energy Reliability Council of Texas.

Transitioning Texas to 50% wind and solar energy by 2030 will raise annual cost by 250% compared to 2018 cost. Reaching 100% wind and solar would increase cost more than 10 times. Take this months electric bill and multiply by 10 and that is your estimated bill in 2030 if Texas was mandated to convert to 100% renewable energy.

Under the Green New Deal, the average family annual electric bill would increase from $1,500 to $14,000 in 2030, 11 short years away. All these numbers are assuming that the cost of production fuels remain the same until they are no longer needed in 2030.

The total cost to implement the renewable energy generation mandates of the Green New Deal in Texas would reach $120 Billion per year in 2030, which is 100% of todays total annual budget.

If the Green New Deals mandates were somehow fully implemented by 2030, climate models indicate the reduction in the global average temperature would be less than 1/10 of a degree, estimated to actually be .097 degree by 2050.

Other key points that are seldom mentioned by the Green New Deal people is that the land required for the wind and solar farms to supply 100% will exceed 5 million acres, more than 10 times the land in power generation today while the land need for the additional power lines are conservatively estimated at another 1.2 million acres, bringing a total land area of more than 6 million acres. The environmental impact of this project cannot be overstated. The loss of trees, grasses and wildlife, water pollution, emissions from petroleum powered machinery would be a tree hugger’s nightmare. The loss of property and millions of dollars in litigation of eminent domain suits would be staggering, not to mention the millions of dollars in environmental studies would all eventually be passed to the consumer.

Everyone wants to use best management practices on Ol’ Mother Earth but we must keep in mind the cost, the end result, the accomplishments and the cost.

Terry Harper is a longtime Guadalupe County resident and lifelong conservative.

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