Before you go to cast your vote on March 3rd, I felt it necessary to write this letter to tell you what I’ve come to know about your current Sheriff, Arnold Zwicke.

I have had the privilege to be employed at the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office for the past 30+ years. I serve in the position of Administrative Assistant to Sheriff Zwicke. Working alongside of him on a daily basis, I have come to know him and what he stands for.

Let me begin by saying that Sheriff Zwicke’s opponent says that 20 years is long enough for a Sheriff to be in office. Think about it. The amount of time a Sheriff serves his county speaks volume as to the status of the office he holds. The Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office rates outstanding in the mission they’ve sworn to uphold.

About OUR Sheriff: Arnold Zwicke is a man of integrity who can be trusted and who demands equality, integrity, and accountability from all who work in his office. His open-door policy has made him accessible to the citizens he serves as well as the individuals he employs.

He is a leader whose knowledge about the operations of an effective Sheriff’s Office is unmatched. He runs his office with transparency, with clear expectations of what it means to serve you, the citizens. I have worked alongside Sheriff Zwicke during every budget preparation and I can attest that he “does” ask for upgraded equipment, training and competitive salaries for his people. He is responsible for budgets in excess of $24,000,000 and he works closely with our Commissioner’s Court to oversee conservative budgets to provide Guadalupe County fair and effective law enforcement.

Experience and training in public safety and law enforcement are essential for the success of any Sheriff, and Arnold Zwicke certainly has a lengthy and remarkable list of credentials proving his qualifications in these areas. It is his passion for building strong, positive relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and our broad and diverse community that demonstrates his greatest strength to make Guadalupe County a safer place to live and raise our children. He stands behind and supports the men and women of this Office as well as our law enforcement family throughout the world. A 5th generation-lifelong resident of Guadalupe County, he stays true to his roots. He is a Christian family man and his service as Sheriff has been exemplary.

Do you want responsibility, accountability, accessibility, honesty and integrity in your Sheriff’s Office? The Office of Sheriff is an increasingly challenging position in our modern world. Arnold Zwicke has the energy and genuine interest in the people he serves. His wonderful wife and family, his dedication to the law, his openness to all ideas, and his outstanding credentials make him a candidate that all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents, can support.

There is only one QUALIFIED candidate for Sheriff and that is ARNOLD ZWICKE.

Thank you for your time.

Dawn Caddell is the administrative assistant to the Guadalupe County Sheriff and is a life-long resident of Guadalupe County.

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