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It took some hand wringing after receiving the governor’s approval to allow bars in Guadalupe County to reopen but, with the help of a team of concerned parties, County Judge Kyle Kutscher made it happen.

As we find ourselves halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month, Guadalupe County residents can reflect more than most on the sea of Hispanic history that swirls around the area.

With more than $40 billion in financial aid toward the Texas economy, the rapid establishment and dispersal of Paycheck Protection Program loans has, without a doubt, been a life-saving act for millions of American business owners.

It seems for months now, everyone’s talk has been all about COVID-19, the coronavirus, the pandemic ravaging parts of the world, country and our county.

For many it may not seem like nearly two decades since they awoke or were awakened on that fateful Tuesday to the startling news that America was under attack.

There’s a lot happening in Guadalupe County these days. There’s a lot changing. And there are lots of issues that residents may find themselves on opposites sides of: from national politics to local issues like construction, tax dollars, health care, education and more.

It might seem if you’re a young person living through these COVID-infested times that almost everything just keeps going wrong, from cancelled school activities to in-person learning, from cancelled social activities to being forced to spend time with your parents and more.

With the summer heat blazing on us all here in Central Texas, it can be an alarming thought to realize that September is so close and therefore the fall season is right around the corner.

Residents around Lake Dunlap are looking to seize control of the future of their lake and their quality of life by being a part of the solution to help secure it.

The first day of school is right around the corner for some area districts. The fun and excitement that usually accompany back to school shopping is holding hands with feelings of doubt and anxiety as this school year is like one we haven’t seen or experienced.

In the midst of massive COVID pandemic disruption, U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (D–AZ) and U. S. Representative Dan Newhouse (R–WA)  brought forth a bi-partisan proposal to offer tax relief to small businesses, residents and local newspapers. The program is not a check, but rather a t…

Independence Day is behind us and summer is in its full swing, which means the Texas summer sun is beating down on us.

We’re seeing numbers of positive and pending COVID-19 cases rise. It’s a tough pill to swallow because we all want to get back to normal, or however close to normal we can get in a pandemic.

With the entire month dedicated to the topic, May is a time to discuss mental health awareness. And the folks at NAMI Guadalupe County aren’t afraid to start the conversation and dish out support for those who need it.

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