From education, home healthcare, a board game company to the manufacturing industry, the 10/35 Economic Development Alliance’s Regional Job Fair hosted a variety of area employers that attracted more than 300 job seekers.

Among them was Cathy Carlton, who was impressed with what was available at the third annual job fair on Thursday at the Central Texas Technology Center.

“This one was a good turnout. Just by looking at the parking lot and having to hover for half an hour to get a parking space,” she said. “There is a good representation of good jobs here. There’s a lot of different companies from games, bird products to technology. I think this is the largest I’ve seen locally. I went to the one in Buda last week and one in New Braunfels Workforce Solutions Center several weeks ago.”

Carlton who was recently displaced from her job of 15 years said she believes she left the job fair with some good connections.

“Hopefully something will come up soon,” she said.

For Kiera Ash, the regional job fair was the first one she has been to with a variety of job opportunities.

“It’s a lot more intimate than I expected, which I like because I thought it was going to be crazy and chaotic,” she said. “I’m glad to see they have two open rooms and everybody had been very welcoming. I’ve been to specific teacher job fairs, but I’ve never been to one with lots of different companies represented. I wasn’t too sure what to expect.”

This year’s job fair had about 40 employers including Navarro, Seguin, and Comal ISDs, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, Rave Gears, Habitat for Humanity, Caterpillar and the city of Seguin.

Manny Jimenez, a custodial services manager at Navarro ISD said they saw a flow of job seekers go through.

“It’s going very well. We’ve been very steadily with the people coming and asking for employment opportunities,” he said. “Right now we have a principal position open, a technology administrator and a bunch of substitute positions that we always try and fill.”

The job fair was done in partnership between the Seguin Economic Development Corporation and the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation, which form the 10/35 Economic Development Alliance.

“This is our third year in a row that we’ve partnered with our friends in New Braunfels to host this job fair,” Seguin Economic Development Executive Director Josh Schneuker said. “We also want to be sure we meet the needs of our existing businesses in both of our respective communities.”

The event usually attracts about 300 to 400 attendees from Seguin and New Braunfels and other surrounding areas such as San Antonio, San Marcos, Buda and Austin.

“We’ve had a lot of success. Folks who attend our job fair leave with on the spot job offers so we’re hoping to have the same success rate at this job fair. So far it’s been a pretty good turnout for us,” Schneuker said.

Within the first hour on Thursday, Schneuker said there were about 120 people at the event.

“It’s been steady traffic all day. Talking to some of the employers that have been here they are very happy with the turnout so far,” he said. “We really worked hard to market this event ahead of time through social media, the news and every outlet we could utilize.”

Schnueker encourages community members to check out 10/35 Economic Development Alliance’s job fairs whenever the opportunity comes.

“I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for really anybody out there regardless if you’re unemployed and looking to find a job immediately or if you have an existing job and are looking for a change in your career path,” he said. “We’ve got employers across multiple sectors that are in attendance at our job fair today that present opportunities to anybody regardless of their situation.”


Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at

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