New Year

The ball in Times Square has dropped, the fireworks that lit up the sky are smoke, the champaign sipped, black-eyed peas eaten and the New Year has officially begun.

The start of a new year is often a time of fresh starts, new beginnings and promises to ourselves that most likely will be broken.

Each year we hear the typical resolutions of exercise more, lose weight, get organized, learn a skill or hobby, save more money and spend less, quit smoking … the list goes on.

Yes, they’re all goals, but how achievable are they and is the time frame set to achieve them realistically. Probably not. 

That’s why we suggest maybe looking toward some nontraditional goals.

Visit a new place, create adventure

Throw a dart on the map and see where it takes you. Choose a map of any size, preferably one that fits in your budget. It could be a world map, U.S., state, county or city. Let the dart be your guide to a new adventure. 

Get out into nature

Go for a hike or a bike ride on our walking trails or visit one of the state parks. This can be as simple as hanging out in your backyard with friends and family, or going to the park and letting the children play as you watch. 

Perform a simple act of kindness each day.

Be kind to other people, and they will return the favor, maybe not to you, but passing it along. A smile can go a long way when someone is having a bad day. Leave an extra dollar as a tip, or buy someone a cup of coffee. The simple gestures are endless.

Reconnect with old friends and family

Life takes us 100 different directions. Take the time to have a cup of coffee, lunch or an after with an old friend. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while and rebuild that bond.

Put technology down, at least for a few minutes

As technology advances, we find ourselves more enamored with it and move involved than ever. Take a break. Put the phone down, take a break from social media and enjoy the world around you. You might be surprised at what you don’t miss.

These are just a few of the creative resolutions one can make at the beginning of the year. Find one that works for you or think up your own. 

We wish you the best, happiest, prosperous New Year.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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