As much as many of us don’t want to admit it, the holiday season is upon us.

Yep, this week we celebrate Thanksgiving and shortly after that, the big man comes to town. No, not your obnoxious uncle who loves arguing about politics.

We’re talking about Santa and Christmas, which is closely followed by New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

With these joyous holidays come celebrations of all types. Some can be very festive. (We’re not talking about you, Thanksgiving, with your annual appearance of that uncle who loves to argue about politics.)

During the holidays, people visit family members, get together around a table, enjoy a great meal and many imbibe in an adult beverage of choice.

It can all make for a dangerous cocktail of crowded roads and highways, distracted drivers, drunken drivers and more.

So it’s very important for everyone out there to watch out for one another. Safety is in all of our hands.

It starts with each person taking responsibility for his or herself.

That means having your car or SUV serviced before you head out to visit family. Disabled vehicles on roadways can make for hazardous trips for those in them and those around them.

A little research can go a long way in helping to ensure safety on the roads. Knowing the weather forecast and driving appropriately are tips to help everyone drive to arrive alive.

Patience! Speeding on the roads to get to your destination a whole 10 minutes earlier than usual is a terrible idea. A better one is leaving a little bit earlier, driving the speed appropriate for the conditions and having one goal of arriving safely from point A to point B.

Planning a ride home after you’ve had one alcoholic drink too many is too late. It can be avoided, but it also can be overcome.

No, that doesn’t mean driving slower because you’re a bit tipsy. That means calling for a ride to get you home safely.

Most of us have family or friends who are happy to help chauffeur us when we’ve overindulged.

But even if we don’t have that support system, there are options. Ride-sharing services are in most cities and counties and just a swipe, click and button-push away. Use them.

Trips to the county jail, the hospital or the morgue are surefire ways to spoil what otherwise could have been a great holiday. So, let’s be careful out there and everyone watch out for one another for a safe and prosperous holiday season.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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