Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This week Guadalupe County residents saw two things with the coronavirus results.

First we saw the biggest jump in positive cases with 11 confirmations reported on Monday.

That can most likely be attributed to the availability of test, and more people getting tested.

The second is the increase in recoveries.

Guadalupe County started the week with six reported recoveries and by Friday, 15 more people had recovered from the coronavirus. As of Friday, there were no reported COVID-19-related deaths in Guadalupe County.

It appears that social distancing is working. It is helping to slow the spread. But it will only continue to work as long as we adhere to the guidelines that were put in place by federal, state and local governments.

With this being Easter weekend, it’s especially hard. Typically, the weekend is filled with traditions of families getting together to celebrate the holiday. And while we’re wanting to celebrate the recoveries and Easter, we have to remember this is not over. There is still always to go.

Follow the guidelines and orders in place, social distance, stay 6 feet or more away from other people when out in public, and don’t gather with more than 10 people.

The more we do now, the sooner we flatten the curve and can resume everyday life.

We can get through this separately together.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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