Tow truck

Like first responders, tow truck drivers, road crews, even motorists who are broken down can face some deadly instances along the highways.

As more and more people are distracted driving, law enforcement officials are reminding people to “move over, it’s the law.”

Prior to September 2013, the law referenced law enforcement, fire and EMS.

But in that legislative year, the state included tow truck drivers and road construction crews.

Our local tow truck drivers have seen their fair share of close calls.

These guys and gals are always on the look out when they are on a call, whether it is a busy highway like Interstate 10 or a rural country road.

From having to jump out of the way of a passing motorist that came too close, to a mirror being ripped off, it’s too close to comfort.

Remember, when you see the flashing lights move over, whether they are red/blue, red/white or amber.

The rule is on multiple lane roads, move at least one lane away from the responding vehicle. If it is a single lane road, slow down by 20 MPH below the speed limit.

Give these crews room to work.

They all have a job to do and they would like to get home safe.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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