Prowling to Better Health

Piles of different chicken nuggets that were available for students to try at the Prowl to Better Health Fair and Food Show at Navarro High School on Wednesday.

While most would think the hamburgers, cheesy pizza and an assortment of treats the students at Navarro ISD get to eat every for lunch are handpicked by the district themselves, they actually are not.

For the last five years, the Navarro ISD Child Nutrition Department has reached out to the students and gave them the opportunity to have a say on what goes on their menu.

“They are customers. This is our restaurant and we are here to serve them. It doesn’t benefit to pick out the food if they’re not eating it,” Navarro ISD Child Nutrition Director Carlette Drabek said. said. “Their input makes a difference on what we provide.”

The students get to select what they like, and Drabek ensures what they are get follows all of the health guidelines that are set.

All of this takes place during the Prowl to Better Health Fair and Food Show, where the students get to sample the food options and vote on their favorites.

The students also learn the nutritional background behind the meals as well as other health information such as the reason for vaccinations and what they are for, as well as ways to can keep active.

These types of informational gatherings are beneficial for the students and the district.

The district learns what the students like and will eat, helping to reduce food waste.

The students in turn learn how to live a healthy life style and what foods offer better nutritional values.

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