Pumpkin bucket

A pumpkin bucket serves as the perfect trick or treat candy collector.

It’s getting really scary outside.

The Halloween costumes, decorations, ghosts, goblins and ghouls are bad enough.

But we also have to worry about the real life hazards.

Much of the trick or treating that young people do takes place during the nighttime hours. Kids are out during times when many of them usually are fast asleep or at least getting ready for slumber.

A combination of factors can result in hair-raising possibilities.

It is up to adults to help the youngsters avoid nightmarish results on their night of fun.

That means keeping a keen eye out for the excited teens, tots and tykes.

Masks and oversized, dragging costumes can create hazardous situations. Help them out, parents.

Masks sometimes obscure vision while kids are racing from door to door. They might need help navigating those blocks they sometimes are used to traversing for fun.

Tripping hazards are equally as dangerous.

One of the more frightening possibilities might be children darting out into oncoming traffic trying to get to that next treat. Parents of trick or treaters should make sure reflectors or lights are worn/carried by all.

Drivers need to use the utmost patience and care to help ensure the goodie bags make it home in the hands of healthy children.

We’re sure there are far more hazards and health risks with which adults, and children, need to be mindful.

But our goal here isn’t to frighten anyone. No, let’s all work together to make for a Happy Halloween.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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