A plaque hangs outside the old Saegert Middle School building detailing the building's construction and opening information including details about the school district on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, in Seguin.

For nearly six years, the Joe F. Saegert campus sat vacant.

It served as a storage facility, kitchen and theater space during the high school build, but other than that, it fell by the wayside.

That was until the facilities committee got into it and really saw its potential and need.

When the group of community members came together to visit each of the Seguin ISD’s campuses and facilities, and get an in-depth look at the buildings — vacant and occupied, instructional and auxiliary — the committee determined that Seguin ISD could shed the weight of at least two of its vacant campuses, Juan Seguin and Lizze M. Burges. So far, the district has successfully sold the Juan Seguin campus and is in the process of listing the former alternative school.

The school board also was presented the recommendation to update the Joe F. Saegert campus and relocate the Mercer-Blumberg Learning Center, the Discipline Alternative Education Program — formerly housed at Lizze M. Burges — and the Transition Program on the campus.

The move gave students at DAEP the ability to get out of a campus that had a lot of issues dealing with age and that sits in a flood plane.

It also allows students and staff at MBLC to stretch their legs and spread out, instead of remaining building-locked with Central Office.

“When you’re working in here (the auditorium), the warmth from all the windows and the colors — the staff really appreciate the windows and the kids love the building,” MBLC Principal Jay Law said. “It’s a really eclectic building and neat.”

This is an opportunity to keep this historic campus in operation as a viable asset to the district and also as part of the community.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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