Badges, Bikes & Tykes 2019

Tanya Martinez, 9, tries on Guadalupe County Sheriff gear while checking out a SWAT truck during the 14th Annual Badges, Bikes and Tykes Picnic on Saturday at the Starcke Park pavilion.

Area first responders and local families partook in play, prizes and pleasantries last weekend during the 14th Annual Badges, Bikes and Tykes Picnic at the Starcke Park pavilion.

The Seguin Police Department hosts the yearly extravaganza featuring responders from area departments including the police department, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and more interacting with residents and having a good time. Organizers share food and beverages with the community and young children get the chance to win prizes, including new bicycles to enjoy in the coming summer months.

But more than sharing in the good time, the participants on both sides get to share in something much more valuable.

The event gives first responders opportunities each year to connect with the residents they serve, young and old. They get to show them that we are all alike. Everyone can come together on a common ground at a time when tempers, heart rates, emotions and adrenaline levels are in check.

Oftentimes, first responders and other citizens interact when there is an emergency or law enforcers are checking into the possibility that some law has been broken. Everyone can be on edge in those situations, possibly causing rifts between those protecting and serving and those being served.

Giving all involved a chance to meet and establish relationships can do wonders for the community. After seeing the other side at play, the thought is, maybe when something more serious happens, everyone can still see everyone else just as a human being and not as just a badge or a criminal.

So, kudos to the fine people who held Badges, Bikes and Tykes and to the people who attended. Because when we can all come together on even footing, we all can win as a society.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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