SPFA & On The Grind

The Seguin Professional Firefighters Association and On The Grind are going "RED" (Remembering Everyone Deployed) on Fridays. SPFA President Ryan Hale (center) poses for a photo with On The Grind owner Mark Parmerlee and several employees on Friday, July 19, 2019.

For about 13 years, family members and friends of active duty military members have gone RED.

They wear the color red to Remember Everyone Deployed.

It’s not entirely clear where or when the movement started, but it is one to definetely get behind.

While these men and women have signed up to serve the country they hold dearest to their heart, going RED can help remind them they are not alone.

That is exactly what the Seguin Professional Firefighters Association is hoping to do. With a local pair of firefighters currently members of the Army Reserves — one of which was recently deployed — the organization wanted to do something to honor them.

In doing so, they designed a shirt to specifically wear on Fridays. In turn, they are selling the shirts for the community to join in.

The profits from those t-shirt sales are turning into care packages that are put together by the fire department for their fellow firefighter’s troop.

But their actions aren’t stopping there.

They are looking for other community members who may be deployed. The SPFA wants to reach out to their local families to see what they can do to help send care packages.

The firefighters, very much like members of the military, signed up to serve.

They promised to take care of the community members whether it be from a fire, help with an ailment or, in this case, help make the distance between the base overseas and home a little bit smaller.

We can also go RED on Fridays and Remember Everyone Deployed.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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