Each January, thousands of people across the country gather in hamlets, towns and cities to honor a man and continue fighting to see his dream realized. Seguin, its residents and visitors are no different.

We, as many did in country, marched this week in honor and recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.

There was a time when most everyone who participated in the marches knew about the man and much of his teachings.

There seems to be a gap growing between those who understand the marches and their purposes and those who are walking along oblivious as to why.

They know the name of the man and that he gave speeches. Ask about those speeches or why they are important and some are clueless.

However, people in Seguin and members of the MLK Committee of Seguin are proactively trying to change that.

Older committee members have been trying to share more of the responsibility of planning the city’s annual march with younger people, accepting their ideas and taking a bit less of a leadership role so that upcoming generations have a real stake in how the messages are handed down and received.

Community members at Monday’s march said they brought their younger family members along to give them an awareness, even at some very young ages, of the importance of the holiday and the man for whom it is named.

These steps and more are needed if America ever hopes to reach that mountaintop and begin to live King’s dream.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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