Guadalupe County continues to grow, attracting new residents perpetually with its prime location, good economy, attractive job market and more.

With that growth undoubtedly come strains on the services home owners, businesses and visitors require just to survive.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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Agree with the premise and path forward, do not agree with the additional taxation which is insinuated. As with many of the other 'new' responsibilities which have been thrust on our service providers, increasing taxes for the existing homeowners is simply 'unfair'.

If we need additional service broadening, the increase in tax revenue through new home sales and property taxes should be able to handle them. The only people who seem to be 'enjoying' the burst of growth are the big businesses, realtors and developers. Let's ensure that those enties who gain the most, pay the most.


I will add to Shepard’s commentary regarding the spurt in growth and those benefiting the most from it. I am surprised however that the cost of living was not mentioned. The prices paid by residents at all economic levels are rising with no apparent end in sight, including the taxes paid on applicable purchases.

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