Each year around this time, our ears are simultaneously barraged with the bangs and whizzes of fireworks, and treated with gasps and giggles of children enjoying the aerial light show extravaganzas.

The kids aren’t the only ones who get a kick out of fireworks displays, certainly.

But we grown-ups often are too jaded to let our inner-child out and squeal with the same delight we did when we were kids staring up at the falling sparkles of light and booming explosions over the town.

As adults, we have to keep a watchful out for the dangers, albeit unlikely, of fireworks displays, especially the ones at our homes.

The possession and use of fireworks within city limits are prohibited in the incorporated parts of the county. But those of us in unincorporated areas still can set off fireworks on our property.

Therefore, we feel encumbered to remind Guadalupe County residents to be safe, remain vigilant and, by all means, keep the children out of harm’s way.

We know first hand the fascination a young child can feel watching adults light those wicks, yell for everyone to get clear and stand back before the magical sparks burst skyward. It can be a tempting proposition for a curious child to try his or her own hand at doing the same.

Adult supervision is imperative when lighting personal fireworks and a keen eye on the little ones can go a long way to helping keep everyone safe.

Independence Day is to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends reveling in celebration of the day our freedoms were born in this country. The day our country was born.

So while admiring the figurative rockets’ red glare and symbolic bombs bursting in air, let’s make sure to remember safety and common sense are important.

Be safe during July 4 festivities.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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