Some people take trips to Caribbean countries to visit the pristane blue waters, white sand beaches and have a tropical drink in their hand.

David Richie, of Richie Limb & Brace, recently spent some time on the island of Hispaniola, but he wasn’t there as a vacationer.

Richie joined up with the STAND Haiti project and spent two weeks working as a prosthetist and orthotist tending.

He spent 10 to 12 hours each day visiting with the people who would make trek the clinic each day.

Every day, those manning the clinics saw about 200 people seeking medical care.

The people were suffering from diseases not typically seen in the U.S. such as malaria, typhoid or cholera, and rickets.

Richie’s goal was to help those with severe injuries or birth defects that have gone untreated.

He used donated items to craft pieces that would assist the person with whatever the need was.

He also worked alongside many Haitians who were there to learn.

The goal was to give them the tools and knowledge to continue the work STAND Haiti started.

“They learned a lot and picked it up quickly. So I want to continue their education because the goal of the clinic is to teach them to sustain themselves.”

The work he did will carry on. Richie hopes to make another trip later this year, and hopefully he will see how those fruits of his labor have bloomed.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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