Ranger Oaks
Having pulled off the cover hiding the historical marker, Seguin Mayor Betty Ann Matthies reads aloud the inscription telling the history of the Ranger Oaks. The marker was unveiled Friday afternoon at the corner of Gonzales and Travis streets.

Seguin is a town rich with a history that is intertwined with that of the state’s historical story.

For about 181 years, the town has seen growth and change.

It has witnessed the birth of a thriving downtown, that was slowly abandoned as the city fanned out. It has since been revitalized with new businesses and building restorations.

Throughout the city there are homes, shops and buildings that have stood the tests of time.

And while some of them have been recognized on the local, state and national levels as historical properties or homes, there are many more that have yet to receive those designations that could help preserve them for future generations.

Recently, the city heard the results of a historical survey of the downtown district and beyond. What they learned was there are a little more than 50 buildings that are eligible to receive some kind of designation, whether it be local, state or national.

The purpose of doing something like that isn’t for bragging rights, but for the ability to help keep the city’s history intact.

Over time, buildings deteriorate and lose value, but their historical significance goes beyond that.

A great example is the Magnolia Hotel. Before receiving its designation as a historical place, it was a dilapidated old building that hadn’t received attention in many years.

Once it went onto the registry and was designated as endangered, it was quickly purchased by a couple who has spent years restoring the former hotel to its glory.

That’s not to say that all of the sites or resources listed in the survey are abandoned or endangered properties, but they could be.

Without the survey taking a snapshot at these properties in and around the downtown district, some of this city’s history could be lost.

And that would be a great loss to this city.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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