Food Connection Day

Members of the Guadalupe County Farm Bureau serve up hamburger plates during Food Connection Day on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 at the Farm Bureau office in Seguin.

Guadalupe County is a rural community and filled with farms and ranches that produce much needed crops for every day life.

A quick drive just outside Seguin’s city limits and you’re in farm land. You can see the rows of corn and cotton, hay bails — round and square — line the fields.

There’s also the livestock that goes to market.

As more developments come in, more homes pop up, the less we’ll see of those farms and ranches that were started here decades ago.

That’s where the Texas Farm Bureau steps in, and with the help of their county affiliates, they get the message out about farmers and ranchers and the work they do that is vital to life.

“As the population is increasing here, we’ve got people that don’t really know what farming is about,” Guadalupe County Farm Bureau President John Friesenhahn said. “We’re still a fairly rural community, but the number of farmers has been decreasing so this is a way for us to touch base with the community and say ‘we’re here, we’re your neighbors and we produce the food and fiber that everybody needs.”

The Guadalupe County Farm Bureau hosts Food Connection Day once a year. They serve up burgers for $1 each as well as a quick lesson in agriculture.

The $1 represents the farmer’s share from the crops they sold to when the food hits the table.

It also gives the community a chance to get to know these local producers, and make those connections.

These types of events are imperative to help area residents to remember where their food comes from. That it doesn’t just come from a grocery store, but from someone’s farm. And that someone could very well be their neighbor.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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