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The city of Seguin is reporting that The Environmental Working Group, an independent company, is leaving a community water test kit complete with a plastic test tube for a water sample and a slip of paper requesting homeowner information

Recently, plastic baggies with a plastic collection tube and a slip of paper began showing up on resident’s doors.

The paper claims it is a water test kit offering to test water quality for free.

All the homeowner has to do is fill out personal information and send the kit back to the lab.

The city of Seguin released a statement on Monday said the kits appeared to be from Environmental Working Group.

However, the non-profit organization issued a statement on Tuesday saying is not them.

“While EWG firmly believes that everyone has the right to know what’s in their tap water, EWG does not offer water sampling tests to the public,” EWG General Counsel Caroline Leary said in an email. “Any company using EWG’s name, websites or logos to offer water sampling tests or water filters for sale is doing so without EWG’s knowledge or consent.”

Which is very problematic.

That means someone is posing as a company soliciting personal information from residents. And unknowingly, some residents will offer up that information.

When things like this show up on your front door it is always a good idea to verify. If it has a company name, find a phone number separate from the one given and call the company.

Or call the city to see if they are aware of a company offering this type of service or gathering information.

It’s never a bad idea to play it on the safe side than to be sorry later.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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