Fathers Day

Today, families across the globe are honoring the patriarch of the family.

They’ll take them out to dinner, cook a family dinner, or bring the steaks, fire up the grill and enjoy an day of celebrating.

These men no matter the title they were given — father, dad, stepdad, grandfather, uncle, godfather — stepped up and served as role models for us.

They are their daughter’s first love and their son’s first friend.

They are the ones who instill a wealth of knowledge about a vast collection of experiences when it comes to cars, jobs or relationships and more.

However, to earn the celebration of this day — or any other — it takes more than genetics.

It takes a lot of love and dedication, patience and time.

It takes caring, understanding and compassion, but also stern when the action calls for it.

So, today, think about all the things that your father has done for you over the years. Take time out of your busy schedule to pick up the phone and call your dad to say thanks for all that he did.

For those who have lost their father, tell someone else about your dad — perhaps your own children.

Help them understand that fathers are important.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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