With the turning of the calendar into a new year, generally people begin to think of change.

We oftentimes take stock of what has been and what is sure to come in the impending near future.

Such is the case with the city of Seguin and some area residents’ and entities’ plans for buildings in our fair city.

Seguin City Council recently approved grants for seven projects to help improve buildings in downtown Seguin. The FIX-IT Façade grants are aimed at repairing and revitalizing downtown buildings.

Seguin leadership sees the benefit in using what we have, beautifying it and helping to reshape the city of Seguin.

Building owners are using the funds for door and window repairs, installing signs, painting building exteriors and more.

“We want to encourage reinvestment into downtown and bring our historic properties back up to code to make sure they’re an asset for the whole community,” said Kyle Kramm, Seguin’s Main Street and Convention and Visitors Bureau director. “This was the largest number of grant applications that we’ve ever received, so its a very effective program and a very popular one.”

Old and historic downtown building renovations aren’t the only ones taking us into the future.

Thanks to a pair of attorneys and their local law firm, a 100-year-old piece of the city’s history has been resurrected and given another chance at providing a home for a business in town.

The building at 536 E. Court St. has served many purposes, from auto garage to bike repair shop and more. Stephen Gankse and Christopher Moore, of Moore Gankse Murr PLLC, recently purchased and renovated the structure to serve as the local location for the firm.

The pair finished renovations at the building last year and were able to include it in the recent Holiday Heritage Tour of Homes, showing off the building’s good bones and their hard work to the community.

Seguin ISD recently closed a deal to sell its old Juan Seguin campus to a church, giving the historic school buildings new life. Just before the new year, Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church was able to complete the purchase of the Juan Seguin campus.

Knowing the campus’ history, the church has pledged to honor the historical heritage, said Sean Hoffmann, Seguin ISD spokesman.

“We think it is great that they plan to continue to preserve that historical facility that means so much to so many,” he said. “It is a historic campus not only for Seguin ISD, but the community.”

And we think it’s great that Seguin’s historical buildings are getting new lives to continue to help shape the city’s future.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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