The Texas Theatre is more than just a stage where shows are performed. It’s a beacon within the community. A place where memories are created and art is nurtured.

The Texas Theatre represents the future of our community just as much as it represents the past. Opening almost 88 years ago, the theater has seen much in its lifetime from World War II to The Great Depression to segregation. Even in those times, the theater remained to bring the people of Seguin hope in times where there may not have been much to go around.

Starting out as an old movie house, it brought in motion pictures. It was showcased in several films in the past and by hosting shows for the public. It deteriorated over time and then was revitalized again, bringing it back to its former glory.

Its mere presence enriches the community, allowing everyone — residents and visitors — the opportunity to share one the greatest treasures in city and the state.

It if it weren’t for the Texas Theatre, people like James Donegan may not have discovered their passion for the arts. Through him and others like him, the theater sits in wait, like it always has, to continue to guide our community and its youth to reach for the stars and achieve their goals.

That’s why event’s like a fundraiser being held Thursday at the theater are so important. They offer the community a chance to really see the Texas shine, while raising dollars to help keep it open and from falling back into a state of disrepair.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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