Every year, children clamor to sign up for Stars of the Texas Camp Broadway.

As soon as the sign up begins, a waiting list is soon to follow.

The camp is coveted by parents and students alike. It is under the management of thespian and former Seguin High School theater teacher Shelia Lucas.

Alongside her are the directors. But they aren’t just anyone who walks in off the street. Those leading up the campers, teaching them songs, dances and acting skills are former campers themselves, like Patrick King and Lizzie Haener.

The two started years ago under the guidance of other directors. And as they got older, their love for theater grew, as did their passion for teaching and inspiring the younger students.

They became counselors, helping to wrangle the campers and guide them along the way. Until eventually, they themselves became the directors.

It is an evolutionary cycle that we can only hope will continue with this new group of students.

The directors are instilling a number of skills that can be used on and off stage.

They are creating a love for the arts that is unmatched, and they are helping to keep the arts alive in Seguin with their annual productions.

And they do all of this in two weeks.

So be sure to check out the upcoming production of “Alice In Wonderland Jr.,” see what these kids are doing and help keep the arts live.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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