Seguin Police Department

The Seguin Police Department

Seguin police hasn’t received reports of any sketchy occurrences, a spokeswoman said, but we all know it can happen or has happened elsewhere.

Someone, on the up-and-up or not, posts an online advertisement looking to sell or buy merchandise. They hear that ping on their phone and excitedly reach out to the person on the other end willing to buy or sell whatever the item is. Details are hashed out, prices agreed upon and then comes the time for delivery.

Here’s where things potentially can fall apart. The decision has to be made as to where the parties will meet to make the exchange. It should never be at either party’s home, said Officer Tanya Brown, Seguin Police Department’s public information officer.

“We encourage people to go to public places when they purchase things online and want to meet up with someone,” she said. “We have established a safe zone in our lobby... It’s called a meet-up spot.”

Not the first of its kind by any means, but the SPD meet-up spot in the department’s lobby is a great idea for helping area residents more safely traverse this digital world in which we live.

It’s well-lit, has 24/7 surveillance and it is in the police department building. What criminal or ne’er-do-well is willing to risk ripping off someone or assaulting someone, or committing any other senseless crime, at the home of the local law enforcement agency?

So, thanks Seguin Police Department for protecting and serving the public. Thanks for proactively responding to a potential situation even before receiving reports of criminal activity in the season.

Because what could happen and has happened in other cities, bigger cities, doesn’t need to happen here.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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