Mega Food Distribution

The San Antonio Food Bank brought more than 150,000 pounds of food to distribute to area residents on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at the Seguin Events Complex.

COVID-19 continues to affect our society in different ways.

With the economy in tatters, people are becoming dislocated from their jobs, which can quickly lead to food insecurity.

Luckily for members of this community, a partnership recently developed to deliver food and a helping hand to folks needing assistance through these turbulent times.

The city of Seguin, Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation and New Braunfels Food Bank served up donations of nutrition to hundreds of families Thursday at the Seguin Events Complex.

Scores of volunteers distributed donations containing about 150 pounds of food staples such as beans, chicken patties, milk and more.

Also assisting in the efforts were owners and operators of other businesses in the area, Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation Chief Executive Officer Elaine Bennett said. It all encompassed an effort to help the community.

People and entities from Seguin and the surrounding community pitched in to help when a need was identified.

According to numbers recently released, more than 1,600 people in Guadalupe County have applied for unemployment compensation in recent weeks. The need is there, and the collaboration helped alleviate it a bit, Bennett said.

β€œIt was amazing,” she said. β€œI could not have asked for better cooperation with the city of Seguin and all of its employees. We all have to do our part and when we come together it is synergy. I think we did a lot in a few days and hopefully the residents will know that our hospital and the city of Seguin cares about its community.”

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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