The Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade 2018

Three generations of the Benavides family lead the parade as part of the American Legion Honor Guard. Pictured are Benjamin Aden Benavides, 13, Oscar G. Benavides, Benjamin Benavides, and Victor Geronimo Benavides.

Parades offer communities the chance to see their friends and family, learn about local businesses and organizations and see what all there is to offer.

The annual Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade that is hosted by the city of Seguin is no different.

Each year, more than 100 parade entries line up to march south on Austin Street from College Street to the Seguin Events Complex. Among them are bands, cheerleaders and athletes, elected officials from both the city and the county, businesses — large and small — and non-profit organizations.

There are also the local veterans service organizations, all of which are sure to offer a patriotic flair.

Since this parade specifically is in celebration of our country’s independence, there will be an abundance of American flags flying high. 

With the various variations of Old Glory come a few rules of flag etiquette at parades to remember as offered by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary:

• stand up

• remove your hat

• place your right hand over your heart

• stop any conversation you are having until it passes.

Special considerations allow that you don’t have to do that with every flag that is entered into the parade. 

However, it should be noted that if the flag is carried by an honor guard or in a group with other flags, parade-goers should stand and salute out of respect. 

The smaller handheld ones don’t need the salute, but they should also be treated with respect.

Make sure that they are not thrown in the street or on the ground after the parade is over.

Big or small, every flag deserves respect, let’s remember that as we honor the day that gave us our freedom.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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