Guadalupe County Multi-Disciplinary Team

Members of the Guadalupe County Multi-Disciplinary Team gather on Feb. 19 at the Guadalupe County Children's Advocacy Center to sign a memorandum of understanding in their continued efforts to fight together against child abuse and neglect.

The mission remains the same and the team is still committed to fighting the good fight.

Last week, members of Guadalupe County’s Multi-Disciplinary Team convened to reaffirm their commitment.

They come with, as the name suggests, different job titles and responsibilities in their everyday lives. But they come together for the same purpose: to protect children who are victims of or witnesses to crimes.

They are law enforcement agents, prosecutors, child advocates, medical and mental health specialists and social justice agents.

The work they do is invaluable.

“It’s really important that in a community our size we have trained professionals who work together as a team to ensure that cases are handled appropriately and that families are treated with dignity and respect. This Multi-Disciplinary Team is committed to doing that,” said team member Christy Williams, executive director of the Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center.

The team meets regularly to review abuse cases across the county, increasing the communication and helping ensure no cases fall through the cracks.

Multi-disciplinary teams across the state are governed by statutes providing for their creation and giving them direction. The statutes require the groups to meet and renew their partnerships and be sure to adhere to protocols.

Guadalupe County is lucky to have Williams and representatives from the partner agencies who care so much about this community and the children in it.

They all work to provide the kind of care and compassion we have come to expect in Guadalupe County.

After 15 years, group members are still doing the hard work, putting in the leg work and going the extra mile for youth and families of the county.

A decade and a half hasn’t changed the resolve of the partners even if state laws and child advocacy center standards have changed.

While the group got together recently to ceremonially sign a pact showing their commitment to the mission, their real-world commitment has never been in doubt.

Just ask Jennifer Smith, the county’s first assistant county attorney, who serves on the board representing her boss, County Attorney Dave Willborn.

“We are all there, we are all members for one reason,” she said. “That is to make sure we give cases involving the victimization of children our very best shot.”

That’s just what our children deserve.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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