Smoke Alarms

St. James Catholic Church recently collected more than 550 smoke alarms, like the ones pictured here, for the Seguin Fire Department to distribute to area residences in need.

Thursday night was a peculiarly busy one for fire crews in this county and neighboring areas.

Guadalupe County-area fire departments battled at least three structure fires Thursday and received help from crews in New Braunfels who also had a time fighting blazes at that city’s historic Wurstfest grounds Thursday and Friday.

Now, seems like as good a time as any to remind area residents to be careful and be safe when it comes to mitigating fire hazards.

The fires from late last week remain under investigation. Preliminary investigation shows that one appeared to have been started as a result of a generator, another at a wood-burning stove and the third appears to have started accidentally in the front of the house.

Structure fires are dangerous and can be deadly. One person was hospitalized and no one else reported serious injuries in the trio of fires Thursday in and around Seguin. However, three pets perished in one of the blazes.

Vigilance can help ensure fatalities and injuries are kept to a minimum.

That means, among other things, making sure smoke detectors are properly operational. The loud noises they emit can be the difference between life and death, which is why fire officials often encourage residents to test their smoke detectors at least twice a year, usually when the clocks the change for daylight savings time.

Families should prepare a plan to escape their homes in the event of a fire. Having a plan can mean the difference between being confused and trapped in a burning building and exiting safely.

People are encouraged to hold practice fire drills to make sure everyone who lives in a residence knows the plan and follows it to perfection.

Fire extinguishers are also handy in the case of a fire emergency. But, if things get too intense, getting out is a better option and let the professional do their jobs.

Fires often strike at unexpected times so remaining knowledgeable and prepared are very important tools to help save lives.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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