Lake McQueeney

Boats are docked on Lake McQueeney ready to cruise the lake on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019.

The Labor Day holiday marks the unofficial end of summer in the United States — unofficial because for school children summer has been over for about a week or two now, and the Texas thermometer still insists that summer hasn’t loosened its iron grip just yet.

All that being said, many people will take the opportunity the long weekend presents to throw a backyard barbecue or go visit family and friends.

A lot of those celebrations will include tired drivers — and unfortunately — drivers under the influence of alcohol.

That’s why law enforcement across the state will be out in force over the holiday weekend to try to make sure that everyone gets to go back to work on Tuesday. That includes being on the area lakes, where area residents and property owners are getting as much time on the water as they can before GBRA begins the systematic drawdown.

The officers will be on the lookout for those speed demons who are trying to shave a fraction of a second off their travel time — weaving in and out of traffic, endangering all of the other drivers on the roadway.

They’ll be making sure that car seat and seat belt laws are being followed. Don’t buckle up just because it’s the law — buckle up because it saves lives. It really is just common sense.

It’s far cheaper to pay for a cab, Uber, Lyft or chip in some gas money for a designated driving friend than it is to pay the court fees, fines and other costs associated with a DWI arrest.

Of course, those costs pale when you compare them to the possible loss of human life when you slide behind the wheel after drinking.

Just don’t do it.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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