Salvation Army

Salvation Army Seguin Unit Kettle Campaign committee chair Jennifer Ehlers and committee member Liz Hillsdorf demonstrate how to make a digital donation.

The bells are tolling and we all know, or should know, what that means.

It’s that time of year again to dig deep and give from the bottoms of our hearts and wallets to help support the Salvation Army’s local and national campaigns to raise funds with its Red Kettle Campaign.

The campaign took off starting Friday with volunteers hitting the normal areas to collect for the nonprofit organization.

What is a bit different about this year’s campaign is the addition of a new way to pay.

The Salvation Army has included a credit-card payment option to the campaign. So, no longer is the “I don’t have any cash on me” excuse valid. We all can give at any time.

And why wouldn’t we want to give. The money goes to help in some very important ways.

Salvation Army lends a helping hand to people when they need it most. The funds raised go toward helping people in emergency situations.

The local unit served about 150 people — about 100 adults and 50 children — on average per month, local Red Kettle Campaign committee chair Jennifer Ehlers said.

From assistance buying food or paying for temporary shelter, to help with certain bills or providing clothing, the Salvation Army lends a hand in various ways throughout the year, committee member Kyle Kraft said.

“They get a voucher to help with rent, to help with paying electric bills so they don’t have their heat shut off. There are just other emergencies or disasters that come up,” he said.

That aid disappears if donations dry up.

So, when you hear the bells clanging and see the people wearing bright red aprons asking for donations, slip something into the kettle or be sure to make a digital contribution of funds. We never know when the next calamity might befall one of our neighbors or if we will be the ones facing disaster.

We do know the Salvation Army will be there to help, so we must help the Salvation Army.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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