Cancer is a dirty word.

When it is spoken, people shutter.

At one point in time, the diagnosis was a death sentence.

But that is not the case any more.

Thanks to decades of medical research, trials and tribulations, there have been advancements in the fight against cancer.

But that battle is not over. There is still a long road to travel until a cure is found.

Currently, the government is the number one funder of cancer research.

The American Cancer Society is the second.

Each year, organizations around the country vow to remember, honor and celebrate by walking.

Relay for Life is the largest fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society.

In 1999, Earlene Jarzombek brought Relay for Life to Guadalupe County.

In those two decades, community members have gathered and rallied and raised more than $2 million for the American Cancer Society.

That money is slated to not only go toward local programs like Road to Recovery and Look Good Feel Good, but it goes toward preventative measure like cancer screenings and awareness campaigns.

It also goes toward research. The effort continues to find a cure, produce more effective medications and therapies, and enhance the ability to catch cancer in its early stages.

Everyone is affected by cancer whether directly or through a family member, friend or community member.

We can all do our part by participating in events like Relay for Life by donating directly to the cause of the smaller fundraising efforts that lead up to the big night.

It’s time to step up to cancer and say enough is enough. This year’s Relay for Life has passed, but the opportunities still stand.

Visit for more information about the local event.


Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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