Silent Seguin

Closed signs like the one on the door at Gift and Gourmet adorn store fronts all across the city on Saturday, April, 4, 2020.

We live in a time of uncertainty. Nobody knows when the COVID-19 changes to our lives and patterns will end. We don’t know how many people will flood hospitals across the country and we don’t know how many people we will ultimately lay to rest because of this disease.

What we need is leadership that speaks clearly with a determination to meet the challenge that lies ahead. 

What we have in Texas is a governor who held a press conference that for all intents and purposes put in place a Stay at Home order — while refusing to call it a Stay at Home order. A life and death global pandemic seems a strange time to pick a battle over political semantics, but that’s just one of the confusing choices that was made.

The governor also undid a rule that many cities had in place that required churches and other houses of worship to maintain social distancing guidelines and offer remote services. 

That was so confusing that the governor had to clarify again that while the new order consider churches “essential” they must hold services remotely whenever possible. There’s a lot of wiggle room there — and some bad actors, none local that we know of, are almost certain to see how far they can push it. 

Battling a pandemic is not something that can be handled with a everyone do their own thing plan. 

Guadalupe County recent issued a Stay Home, Stay Safe order requiring residents to stay at their residences, municipalities within the county will most likely fall in line with their own orders.

But the state needs Gov. Greg Abbott to come up with a clearly articulated plan that everyone can understand without having to wait for clarification. Or at the very least, it needs the governor to stop making things worse and more confusing for the cities and counties that have such plans.

If some churches across the state decide to press the envelope and infect more people — as they have in other states — then those lives will rest on Abbott and his inability to distinguish people of faith from people of folly.

Our Voice is the opinion of the editorial board of the Seguin Gazette.

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