This year and last, a friend and I decided to travel to St. Louis for a mini-vacation, a girls’ weekend.

Last year we had a third, but due to life and responsibilities, she had to hit pause on making this trip.

Many people ask, “Why St. Louis?”

There is a fundraising book convention — so to speak — called Penned Con. It brings authors and readers together under one roof to mix and mingle and have a lot of fun.

Before anyone asks, no, I’m not an author. I just like reading books, when I have the time.

All of the proceeds from the event go to Action for Autism, an organization that supports autistic children.

Outside the convention, the adventure lies in trying to find local cuisine to satisfy the hunger. Which also brings the questions of how are we going to get there or how are we going to get it to us?

We’ve found that food delivery apps and ride sharing are interesting options.

Last year, was my first time ever to Uber.

And that was quite the experience. Our driver was a first timer as well and all four of us were cracking up the entire ride.

He definitely set the bar high for any ride share drivers.

We had several that first year, and all were really good, except for one who didn’t talk much.

We tried to make it as fun for them as it was for us by asking them how long they had been doing this and what was their most interesting fare.

Let’s just say a couple had some pretty interesting stories.

This year, we’ve struck gold so far with drivers.

Our first one was an older gentleman who kindly pointed out highlights on the way to our selected restaurant.

And he talked about the neighborhood that it was in, as he had grown up there.

He also offered to wait for us while we checked it out and decided if this was really the place where we wanted to eat. He then drove us to another place where he felt we would have a much better experience. He also said he would close out our ride and just take us there for free. We both insisted that he not. He deserved to get paid for all of his help.

With food delivery, we’ve had some highs and lows. Pizza the first night was great. Our orders the second night were not that great. We had long waits despite scheduling delivery well ahead of time, undelivered items and just cranky people to deal with.

One lesson learned, even if you get a lot of spam calls like I do, you still have to answer those weird numbers that pop up while waiting for your food delivery. The numbers that originated in St. Louis were pretty easy to justify, but the ones from Pennsylvania and other places were harder.

Then while waiting on our delivery of cookies, a delivery driver gave me somebody else’s food. Luckily I was able to connect the order to the person waiting in the lobby.

While we’ve had our ups and downs with these apps, we will continue to use them, because they are worth it in a city where you don’t know anyone or really anything.

Up next, we’re going to try the 7-Eleven delivery app — which will deliver anything they carry in the story.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. Her column runs every other week. You can e-mail her at felicia.frazar .

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