I enjoy writing columns on sports.

Prior to taking this job, I was doing just that for our sister paper in New Braunfels, writing on everything from the Cowboys, to Tiger, to well, the first column I did here, on the Kentucky Derby.

I’ve had my own column at the last two papers I’ve worked for, one on everything sports, one strictly on golf.

They are fun to write, to comment, to express opinions, to ask questions that occasionally come to mind.

So here’s one.

What’s out there right now that grabs your attention in the sports world?

I personally go through this dilemma every year, about this time.

The NBA? Not really … I might catch a bit of the finals. Steph is fun to watch and the Warriors are absurdly good.

The Stanley Cup? Maybe Game 7 if there is one, but not that big a hockey fan.

MLB? Too early in the season. It’ll be cold outside again before they wrap that thing up.

I’m sure they’ll have a game or two on when I’m out and about, but to sit and watch a three-hour regular season baseball game on TV?

The last time I did that during the season was the last time the Rangers were any good. But for the past few years I’ve mostly just followed the standings to see if they were threatening to make the playoffs.

Now that I’m close to the Astros and they’re killing it, I might pay closer attention to the team down the road in Houston.

Golf is entertaining to me and so I’ll usually have the tournaments on Thursdays and Fridays in the background, and catch up with the final rounds on the weekend.

But it’s really all about the U.S. Open and the British through the dog days of summer.

I’ll try and play more golf with the warmer weather, so with Sundays off the golf fan in me will likely watch from afar.

Although the technology in 2019 does help with keeping up a little more.

I did a column for the Zeitung recently on how I was out playing on Masters Thursday and was able to watch Tiger’s entire first round on my phone.

It’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Waiting for July

With all that being said, I’m really just waiting for July, when minicamps kick off and I can start watching some dang games again.

Football has been, and always be, the sport that gets me going.

From playing the game as a kid, to my grandfather’s fandom of the Cowboys, it’s been there almost since birth.

I have a great story about the first game I ever went to, in 2010, at Jerry’s World — with a press pass.

I spoke with several players, had a brief conversation with Tony Romo, and interviewed Jerry Jones in the locker room after the game.

I even have a picture of myself standing on the star on the 50-yard-line.

For a Cowboys fan, it was the greatest day ever.

I’ve written columns in the past, about how my obsession with the team is almost a psychological defect. When the Cowboys are playing I revert back to childhood — and live and die with them on every play.

They are the only team on the planet that affects me in this way.

Nothing I can do about it now — it’s too late.

Bring on the football please.

Navarro softball

Of course, in my employment as a sports editor, I cover all sports, and I enjoy those games live and in person, kids and coaches working and playing to the best of their abilities.

The Navarro softball team is one such example.

While I’ve been here just over two weeks now, because of how far they advanced in the playoffs — all the way to Thursday night’s regional final — I had seen them play five games or so in the playoffs.

When you cover a team regularly, you get to know them.

You interview kids and coaches, begin to learn who they are, what motivates them to coach and to play.

And while as a sports journalist, you’re supposed to maintain objectivity, you can’t help but start to pull for them a little.

I’ve experienced that before with teams at my previous jobs, and it was no different with the Lady Panthers.

These girls can play, man.

To watch them get so close, one play away from extending their season all the way to the state finals, was special.

I was upset for them on Thursday night when it didn’t quite happen, knowing the pain of getting that close, only to come up just short.

I admit I was hoping to cover them in the finals, and was pulling for them to make it there. What a season, all the way to the final four in the state!

Great job coach Harborth and the Navarro softball team, it was a pleasure watching y’all play.

Kevin Duke is the sports editor for the Seguin Gazette. He can be contacted by e-mail at sports@seguingazette.com.

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You probably should have come out to some of the Lady Matador softball games too. They went pretty dang far into the playoffs and played some awesome softball all year long! Their coverage of games in both print and pictures were lacking during most of their playoff run.

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